How to make Diamond Painting Jewelry

How to make Diamond Painting Jewelry

How to make Diamond Painting Jewelry, 10 simple steps to creating a wearable Diamond Art Jewelry masterpiece!  The same technique applies to earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and to make diamond jewelry with steps

STEP 1:  Remove the protective paper from the top of your Diamond Painting Jewelry pieces.

STEP 2: Push the tip of your Diamond Painting pen into the wax so that  the wax fills the barrel tip. 

STEP 3: Always begin with the OUTSIDE row of your jewelry and work towards the center, row by row. Empty your genuine faceted crystal diamonds into your Diamond Painting tray, one color at a time, or if the row has more than one color, add those colors to your tray. By shaking the tray, the diamonds will flip themselves right side up.

STEP 4: Firmly place your crystal diamonds onto the color coded adhesive pattern, centering your crystal diamonds in the middle of each dot. Keep your crystal diamonds as tight as you can to the outside edge of your jewelry piece.

step by step diamond painting jewelry

STEP 5: Continue placing your crystal diamonds on the outside row, one crystal at a time, keeping them close together.  Continue placing crystal diamonds row by row until you reach the center and all crystal diamonds are placed. Add more wax to your pen when needed, or the pen is not picking up the crystals anymore.

STEP 6: If needed, use the tip of your Diamond Painting pen to adjust your crystals by pushing them into place, or making room if your pattern is too tight.

STEP 7: Using your thumbs, firmly push down on the top of your jewelry so that the diamonds are making a solid contact with the adhesive on your jewelry.

How to make diamond painting jewelry step 9 - 12

STEP 8: Once you have all your diamond crystals in place, it is time to seal and protect your Diamond Painting Jewelry. Apply 4 dots of Protect and Seal to the top of your diamond painting jewelry. Use the paint brush to push the seal and protect in between the crystal diamonds. You do not want so much seal and protect that your diamonds are underneath a layer, just enough to work between the crystal diamonds and fill the space between them.

How to seal your diamond painting jewelry

STEP 9:  Dampen the paper towel with some water, make sure the paper towel in completely damp, squeezing out any excess water. Wrap part of the towel around your index finger and gently wipe any and all protect and deal off the TOP only of your diamonds. Repeat the process with a fresh part of the towel until the top of the crystals are wiped clear of the protect and seal.  Allow to dry flat for 3 hours. 

STEP 10: Wear your Diamond Painting Jewelry masterpiece!


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